Cerulean Era

Session XVII: Return to the Capital

Player Note

(We’ve been traveling incorrectly, moving faster than we should since Bryn’s hunting for food most days, so we’re assuming that we’ve just been riding hard and are now moving at a more leisurely pace.)

The treasure from Brynskeep minus the lovely statue and water clock were wrapped up and carried out as the group resumed its exploration. They found a forest drake northeast of Brynskeep and dispatched it, recalling a guild poster requesting its head. Eumelia also found a magic gray bag that calls forth a random creature.

Exploration was safe until the sixteenth, when Bryn found a lone grizzly bear and killed it for food. On the nineteenth, while resting in the area notorious for an angry turtle, the group was attacked in the night by three boars. They were dispatched, Bryn relying more on his arcane training than his armor. On the twenty-first, the lords attacked the cantankerous turtle as it tried to eat Eumelia’s sweet flesh. The turtle’s shell cracked from Bryn’s sword and Galienne’s summoned crocodile. Buried in the beach, they found an elemental gem of water good for one strong summon.

They rode back to the capital, reaching it on the twenty-fifth. They responded to the guild quests, receiving money and a ring that catches the wearer mid-fall. Considering Kalevi’s new eagerness for tree feather tokens, they decided that the item should go to her. Kalevi also had four quality copies of the enigmatic map made so that she had a good hold of that record once the original was turned back into the elves. Erramir rewarded them for turning in the map with a cloak and ring to aid defense in combat. Galienne took the cloak while Eumelia took the ring, playing happily with the force shield that popped in and out of existence. Kalevi hid one map in her backpack while the other three were hidden throughout the castle. She then spent the rest of the week crafting a few items for herself.

Around the thirtieth, the lords received word of a roc that was terrorizing the nearby farms. Eumelia caught the large bird with a charm spell, but they soon realized that they could not tame it enough to act as a giant mount. They chose to send the roc over to Dullunar to give them a little trouble and let the roc try out seafood for a change.



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