Cerulean Era

Session XIV: Weeding Out More Problems

Player Note

While in town, Kalevi kludged together Eumelia’s weapons and instrument so that she could be more efficient on the battlefield and stand out in a bar. The next two weeks were spent with further exploring and eradicating threats to the citizens of the growing country. They had a nasty incident with trolls that left Bryn’s horse head and one troll tied up and barely within the bounds of sanity. A will-o’-wisp interrupted a night’s sleep, but was vanquished now that the group knew its tactics. The lords then slew a tendriculos that tried to eat Bryn and gathered the rattlecap mushrooms around it, recalling the old hag’s request. Among the dead and their remains lay some gauntlets that were deadly to the undead. Galienne claimed them in the desire to further her deity’s wishes. They camped that night near the old hag and gained a reward.

They returned to town so that Bryn could borrow one of Galienne’s four black horses from when they left Tarnak’s for colonization purposes. While in town, they watched a dwarf drown his sorrows in an ogre’s glass full of liquor. He called upon them to find a hodag and retrieve his slain partner’s spear. They found its lair a few days later on the outskirts of the forest, a deep cavern among cave-like hollows. The hodag fought by skirmishing through the ground but fell quickly to the lords’ power. They found the elven spear along with other items. They spent a few more days exploring before returning to the city. They reported to the dwarf, and he gave them the spear as payment. The dwarf has earlier found the tree that Kalevi raised in the middle of the plains and decided to settle down as a logger in the kingdom.



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