Cerulean Era

Session XIII: Lizardmen Problems

Player Note

On the eleventh of Metadi, the lords chose to explore the lizardmen encampment. It was located on a barrier island but easily reached once they dismounted. As they approached, they heard the sounds of a human boy screaming as he was being dunked into something. They knew that the missing boy was here.

The group tried to listen in better by being sneaky, but Bryn fell down, pulling the gate with him. They fought the entire lizardmen tribe, including their leader and his three wives. Eumelia was able to keep the boy from harm. With the extinction of the lizardmen, they collected their wealth and furs, including a very sharp longspear. As they left, a will-o’-wisp jumped out and attacked, but quickly disappeared and flew away. Realizing that the will-o’-wisp tower to the north of the camp would be equivalent to the task, they chose to handle it later on. They took the boy home, spending a night to camp.

When they arrived home, the parents happily greeted the boy. The father turned out to be his adoptive father, an interesting mix of human, giant, orc, and minotaur. The city celebrated the selfless deed of the lords. The next day, they sold their items and traded out for supplies.



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