Cerulean Era

Session X: Trouble Brews

Player Note

I’m not writing this. Nope. No. Not at all.

DM Note

Orrik and Florris approached the lords upon their arrival back from dealing with Munguk. Two murders had been perpetrated, and the dwarves hoped that the four lords could bring a resolution to the mystery before more deaths occurred.

Lady Galienne Del’Omagia used the powers gifted to her by Shekastra to speak with the corpses of the victims. From the memories of the deceased, the lords figured out that a lycanthrope was more than likely responsible for the murders. Lady Eumelia Varsovienne went around town and discovered that a strange man from the barbarian tribes to the south was staying at the local inn. The lords gained access to the room of the barbarian and with a through search they came upon an ear that the innkeeper would identify as one of the victims.

The lords tried to follow the tracks of the barbarian as they led out of town, but Lord Bryn von Wolfsbane was unable to follow guess more than that the suspect had left town going west. A decision was reached to lay ambush and wait for the man’s return. At nightfall, the barbarian approached town. After a quick skirmish, he was brought down, but the lords had mercy in their hearts so took him prisoner instead of killing him.

Bringing the murderer back to the castle, the lords began the process of curing his disease. Galienne called upon Shekastra, and in her infinite wisdom, Shekastra drove out the beast that was in the man. The lords learned that his name was Kal, and that he left his tribe after defending it from a rabid wolf. He gave up his weapon to the priestess that saved him, and offered up his services to the Kingdom of Triptych.

Fortunadi brought man changes in the political structure of Triptych. Kal was bestowed with the title of Warden, and Florris was made representative of the people as Councilor. Ilsa gratefully gave up her position. Zed and Olivia Fezzeroth approached the lords, and asked for assistance in building a town where previously tatzlwyrms had nested. The lords answered this call, and made every effort to claim and build in the area as soon as possible.

Balchadi was a month of ill omens. Rumors of troll sightings to the north brought a foul air to Triptych. The rulers were unable to abate these fears from within so they set out to abate them with steel and spell. One day riding to the north brought them within striking distance of where Munguk had said the trolls were based. The party made camp, and Lady Kalevi Talunen spotted a faerie dragon sneaking into camp. Kalevi gave the little tyke some booze, and after a restful night, he flew off with a head full of drums and spears.

Bryn led the party to through the woods where he picked up the trails of trolls. The trails led to an old abandoned dwarvish fort that withstood the tests of time. Fierce battles raged as the lords invaded this stronghold. Battle after battle was fought, and victory was earned by blood and sweat. Finally the lords found the chamber of the troll’s leader. Hefting his mighty morningstar and bellowing out a challenge, the troll prepared himself for battle. A mighty foe was he, but in the end he fell to the combined might of the lords. Particularly effective was the mighty humor of Eumelia which brought the troll to his knees long enough for the rest of the lords to smite him.

Many a treasure was won, and the lords returned to town expecting celebration. Unfortunately a foul new adversary had arrived on the scene. A rabble-rouser by the name of Rondurath Alsortore had begun spreading discontent in Triptych. The lords attempted a quick discrediting of the fiend, but failed to drive him out immediately. A plan was laid for an open town hall forum, and espionage was started by Eumelia. Disguising herself with the arcane arts and opening herself to the thoughts of others, Eumelia approached Rondurath in his inn room. There she determined that he was a spy sent from Dullunar to create ill for Triptych. After escaping unharmed from the human centrist spy, Eumelia successfully defeated him in a debate using her new found knowledge and superior skill with words. Alsortore departed town and has yet to be seen from again.

Balchadi passed with no mishaps as did Apadi and Eisadi. During Thadi, a masterwork mural was painted along the streets of one of the capital’s major roads.



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