Council of Twelve

The gods of Ithair’s Council of Twelve are more personified universal concepts than ascended mortals. The eldest of the races began discovering the power of faith around the same time that they learned about key concepts as fire making and animal husbandry. Many a mortal claims little more than to believe in the Council as a whole, but some individuals pray specifically to one god above all others. The greatest of these believers lay claim to some small part of the divine power that deities possess.

The council is a representation of the cosmology of Ithair. The twelve gods form six dynamic pairs. Each pair is in opposition and in balance, and it is this balance that keeps parts of the world moving smoothly.

The Gods and Goddesses

The god of light and truth Lumenus is in balance with the goddess of fear and darkness Meta.

The goddess of compassion and goodwill Tosturia is in balance with the goddess of oppression and labor Sarbastia.

The god of courage and righteousness Tharros is in balance with the god of deceit and dreams Apati.

The goddess of love and family Ishque is in balance with the god of vanity and wealth Balchadur.

The god of history and knowledge Hanes is in balance with the god of luck and hope Fortunus.

The goddess of death and the afterlife Shekastra is in balance with the goddess of nature and balance Eidos.

Council of Twelve

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