Cerulean Era

Session XIX: Returning to Trouble

Player Note

On the morning of the fifth of Apadi, Galienne cured Kalevi of her supernatural ailments, and the group packed up to return home.

They returned on the eighth, but not to a welcoming sight. In their absence, an owlbear had rampaged through the capital city, laying waste to shops and homes. The lords saw these sections smoldering from fires and mourned by lamenting citizens. They chose to stock up before striking out in the morning.

Bryn had no trouble finding the owlbear’s path. It had tunneled through the wilderness, leaving angry destruction of trees and ground. The group had no trouble until the twelfth. While riding past, a tentacle swept out and grabbed at both Kalevi and Galienne. The shambling mound made itself even more known by grabbing Kalevi. She broke out, but the monster grabbed Bryn instead, pinning him to the ground. While Bryn struggled, Kalevi’s axe swings and Galienne’s hound archon ally reduced the plant to clippings.

Session XVIII: Removing Will-O'-Wisps

Player Note

Balchadi passed uneventfully, the magic trade industry allowing the kingdom to flourish. The lords started building towards Brynskeep while preparation for Galienne’s religious town continued.

On 1 Apadi, the group decided it was time to take out the will-o’-wisps that haunted the abandoned tower in the lake to the north. Bryn earlier attempted to prepare by copying a spell from a scroll, one that would allow him to penetrate the will-o’-wisps’ ability to become invisible. He failed in his endeavor but at least kept the scroll for later use. As they left over the bridge directly north of the capital and just out of the kingdom, they were assaulted by three shocker lizards. Eumelia charmed one to be her friend for seven days while the other two were killed to prevent the mounts from dying to their shocking aura. That night, they were also attacked by five worgs. Bryn fended them off, and Eumelia charmed another to be her pal.

The rest of the travel was uneventful, probably because animals decided to be afraid of anyone that could befriend both a worg and a shocker lizard. They reached the lake by the fourth. Bryn went to work making a raft for everyone to cross since they could not carry a boat this far. As they approached the island, a sickeningly worrying aura passed over them all. Bryn and the worg suddenly became very uneasy. Once they stepped foot on the island, they could smell the thick, sweet vines that blanketed the terrain. The saccharine odor made the worg sick on top of being scared. Kalevi put on some boot extensions that allowed her to pass over the vines without being slowed while the rest trudged through the deep vegetation. The group saw ancient scribblings on the tower, and Kalevi deduced it to be blasphemous prayers in ancient Aklo, the subject probably on old cults. Galienne called on her deity’s power to see the invisible and quickly caught sight of a will-o’-wisp that hung to one side of the island. The group made sure to be well prepared and quickly killed it using abilities that further negated its invisibility ability. As soon as the will-o’-wisp died, the air turned dark, and many candlelights could be seen over the water. They could tell that they had angered the will-o’-wisps and chose to hole up in the tower.

A couple minutes passed before another appeared. The shocker lizard was immune to its magic, but the worg was beaten badly. It retreated while Eumelia tried to take care of its wounds. The will-o’-wisp was dispatched. After another couple of minutes, another appeared and was quickly killed when a third showed up. The group decided that the will-o’-wisps were trying to wear them down slowly, most evident in the poor worg. They saw the rest of the will-o’-wisps moving in, but instead of lining up at the door like they were expecting, they hovered over the top of the tower, giving off a great light while they spun around each other. They gave off a flash of light, and then they revealed themselves as a merged giant will-o’-wisp! It descended into the tower to eliminate the group. It quickly killed the whimpering worg, putting it out of its misery. The shocker lizard continued to poke it with its small shock ability, unfazed by the enormous aberration. Eumelia pulled out a rat from her bag of tricks, the rodent attempting to grab onto the giant. Kalevi threw down a device that made everyone move more quickly, and Galienne pulled hound archons out of the ether to fight. Eventually, the will-o’-wisp went down, and Kalevi was quickest to deliver the coup de grace. As her axe struck, all the darkness siphoned down the tower and into her, laying on a terrible curse but removing the fearful essence of the land. She panicked and ran for the raft, trying to escape, but only managed to row in circles until she collapsed. The group decided to rest here for the night, as Galienne needed to convene with her goddess in the morning to remove Kalevi’s afflictions. Among the rubble in the tower was a small spear, perfect in Eumelia’s hands, with the power to become more effective against a certain type of enemy once it has drunk deeply of its blood.

Session XVII: Return to the Capital

Player Note

(We’ve been traveling incorrectly, moving faster than we should since Bryn’s hunting for food most days, so we’re assuming that we’ve just been riding hard and are now moving at a more leisurely pace.)

The treasure from Brynskeep minus the lovely statue and water clock were wrapped up and carried out as the group resumed its exploration. They found a forest drake northeast of Brynskeep and dispatched it, recalling a guild poster requesting its head. Eumelia also found a magic gray bag that calls forth a random creature.

Exploration was safe until the sixteenth, when Bryn found a lone grizzly bear and killed it for food. On the nineteenth, while resting in the area notorious for an angry turtle, the group was attacked in the night by three boars. They were dispatched, Bryn relying more on his arcane training than his armor. On the twenty-first, the lords attacked the cantankerous turtle as it tried to eat Eumelia’s sweet flesh. The turtle’s shell cracked from Bryn’s sword and Galienne’s summoned crocodile. Buried in the beach, they found an elemental gem of water good for one strong summon.

They rode back to the capital, reaching it on the twenty-fifth. They responded to the guild quests, receiving money and a ring that catches the wearer mid-fall. Considering Kalevi’s new eagerness for tree feather tokens, they decided that the item should go to her. Kalevi also had four quality copies of the enigmatic map made so that she had a good hold of that record once the original was turned back into the elves. Erramir rewarded them for turning in the map with a cloak and ring to aid defense in combat. Galienne took the cloak while Eumelia took the ring, playing happily with the force shield that popped in and out of existence. Kalevi hid one map in her backpack while the other three were hidden throughout the castle. She then spent the rest of the week crafting a few items for herself.

Around the thirtieth, the lords received word of a roc that was terrorizing the nearby farms. Eumelia caught the large bird with a charm spell, but they soon realized that they could not tame it enough to act as a giant mount. They chose to send the roc over to Dullunar to give them a little trouble and let the roc try out seafood for a change.

Session XVI: Bryn's New Keep

Player Note

The lords stayed in the capital while Eumelia worked on rehabilitating the troll. The next four months saw great prosperity in the new waterfront and the increase in trade. The gnome oracle was still drinking, so he had started to draw some attention and revenue. Some bandits popped up, but they were quickly dispatched.

The first of Lumendi saw the troll’s release back into the wild, no longer traumatized or interested in killing for sport. The group decided to explore some more, attempting to cover the last bit of the rough map they had in the area. They knew of an abandoned keep northeast of the dryad, and Bryn was especially interested in starting his city there.

Exploring the dryad’s area generated an unfortunate encounter with a familiar owlbear. While riding through the forest, Bryn was assaulted by an overhead animal throwing black, smelly goop in his face. The rest of the group realized it was the owlbear that ripped out the Stag Lord’s heart. Eumelia told it a joke, its laughter causing it to fall out of the tree and land on the group. While the lords were relatively safe, all the mounts were injured by the fall. Once Bryn had wiped his face off, he landed a killing blow on the owlbear while Galienne worked on reviving the mounts.

The group arrived at the abandoned keep on the second of the month. Bryn’s stride through the open gate was interrupted by the falling portcullis. After about a minute of lifting, they finally raised it so that the rest could pass. The inside was circular with four towers attached as well as a courtyard. Investigating the towers, they dealt with a large group of rats as well as a grimstalker with an assassin vine pet. Among the rubble in one of the towers was a sealed tube suggesting elven origin from the mithral and molding. Kalevi quickly realized that it was not an easy lock that kept the scroll case shut. Just as they thought they were done, they were assaulted and confused by two quicklings by their fast speed and stealth. Eumelia was rendered unconscious by a poisoned stab. Galienne attempted to levitate for mobility, but she came crashing down, hearing a jest in her mind. Bryn and Kalevi tried going into the courtyard but fell prey to a gas trap. Kalevi’s common sense decreased as she ascended the middle stairway and found a lovely elven lady who was fond of dancing. Once Galienne has driven off the last quickling, the rest ascended the stairs. When Bryn realized that Kalevi was sitting dumbly next to the lady, and Galienne’s eyes glazed over from the sight of the dance, he dropped Eumelia’s body and drew his falchion. Two hits and her graceful body hit the floor, but not before uttering an occult phrase, sapping Bryn of his health. Cynical and a bit bitter, Bryn decided to camp in the room, knowing it would be his once they cleaned it up. Kalevi worked on the scroll for half an hour before finally opening it. Its contents were a highly detailed map, old but sturdy, criss-crossed with odd lines over the continent and showing a node over the abandoned tower. The map showed a great amount of area, much larger than the map they had been working with, so they knew it to be valuable. Kalevi decided to have some copies made once they returned to town before closing up the tube, giving no sign of tampering, and handing it over to Erramir.

In the morning, Galienne examined her boots and realized that they were intelligent. They were unfortunately evil with a loathing for divine spellcasters, so the group realized they had to destroy them. Galienne and Kalevi chose to burn them with acid about 100 feet away from Bryn’s keep, now named Brynskeep. Bryn and Eumelia stayed back to monitor. As Kalevi opened her vial of acid and poured it on the boots, a giant wall of flame encircled them. Kalevi pushed the boots into the flame before leaping out. Galienne called upon Shekastra to protect her from the fire. When the flames subsided, the boots were charred but intact. The boots tried to thwart further attempts by rising in the air. Galienne pulled out her spiritual weapon to chase after it while Kalevi, still suffering from yesterday’s mindsnuffing mist, threw a tree feather token underneath her in order to chase after the boots. The boots retaliated by trying to burn the tree. Her crazy scheming involving rope and the magic bindings was interrupted by an arcane-embued arrow flying true from Bryn’s bow. He cursed and kicked the boots while Kalevi extinguished the tree with a water elemental and climbed down.

Session XV: Future Planning

Player Note

(This session consisted of discussing character options. The group accepted the DM’s request of a free Leadership feat at seventh level as long as the cohort was the eventual spouse of the character. The group also accepted rolled stats for the cohort along with the DM assigning stats and character quirks as he saw fit. After this, we played with the Move.)

Session XIV: Weeding Out More Problems

Player Note

While in town, Kalevi kludged together Eumelia’s weapons and instrument so that she could be more efficient on the battlefield and stand out in a bar. The next two weeks were spent with further exploring and eradicating threats to the citizens of the growing country. They had a nasty incident with trolls that left Bryn’s horse head and one troll tied up and barely within the bounds of sanity. A will-o’-wisp interrupted a night’s sleep, but was vanquished now that the group knew its tactics. The lords then slew a tendriculos that tried to eat Bryn and gathered the rattlecap mushrooms around it, recalling the old hag’s request. Among the dead and their remains lay some gauntlets that were deadly to the undead. Galienne claimed them in the desire to further her deity’s wishes. They camped that night near the old hag and gained a reward.

They returned to town so that Bryn could borrow one of Galienne’s four black horses from when they left Tarnak’s for colonization purposes. While in town, they watched a dwarf drown his sorrows in an ogre’s glass full of liquor. He called upon them to find a hodag and retrieve his slain partner’s spear. They found its lair a few days later on the outskirts of the forest, a deep cavern among cave-like hollows. The hodag fought by skirmishing through the ground but fell quickly to the lords’ power. They found the elven spear along with other items. They spent a few more days exploring before returning to the city. They reported to the dwarf, and he gave them the spear as payment. The dwarf has earlier found the tree that Kalevi raised in the middle of the plains and decided to settle down as a logger in the kingdom.

Session XIII: Lizardmen Problems

Player Note

On the eleventh of Metadi, the lords chose to explore the lizardmen encampment. It was located on a barrier island but easily reached once they dismounted. As they approached, they heard the sounds of a human boy screaming as he was being dunked into something. They knew that the missing boy was here.

The group tried to listen in better by being sneaky, but Bryn fell down, pulling the gate with him. They fought the entire lizardmen tribe, including their leader and his three wives. Eumelia was able to keep the boy from harm. With the extinction of the lizardmen, they collected their wealth and furs, including a very sharp longspear. As they left, a will-o’-wisp jumped out and attacked, but quickly disappeared and flew away. Realizing that the will-o’-wisp tower to the north of the camp would be equivalent to the task, they chose to handle it later on. They took the boy home, spending a night to camp.

When they arrived home, the parents happily greeted the boy. The father turned out to be his adoptive father, an interesting mix of human, giant, orc, and minotaur. The city celebrated the selfless deed of the lords. The next day, they sold their items and traded out for supplies.

Session XII: Back to Adventure

Player Note

A few more months passed as the lords watched the treasury, hoping to build a waterfront port area on the northern border of the city. During Ishadi, an arsonist tried to burn down some housing, but the warden and his men caught the vandal before serious damage occurred. The waterfront went up in Sarbadi, signaling a period of great trade to commence. During these months, Kalevi worked on more pocketwatches, making one at cost for Eumelia. Eumelia continued her performances, dazzling the crowd and earning a healthy salary. Eumelia had honed her skills as a performer during the previous months, and it now showed. Galienne spent her time creating scrolls for upcoming adventures, and Bryn arm wrestled in tavern competitions in order to earn free ale.

As the lords saddled up to explore on the first of Metadi, they heard of a boy that had gone missing a couple of days ago. Despite their warning, he would amuse himself by the rivers north of the lake. They would try to find him but would not make any promises. They set out to explore the northwest area past the lake. They were passing by a hill when they heard a voice call out for help on the other side. They started to approach when it started calling out Bryn and Eumelia by name. It was suspicious, but Kalevi could not sense any malice from the voice. Once they made it over the hill, they saw a lion’s body with deer hooves and the head of a badger resting by an alcove. Kalevi recognized it as a leucrotta, a magical beast known for luring prey with its charm. Everyone felt a mental pulse wash over them, but Kalevi and Galienne remained fixed. Bryn and Eumelia gained a dazed look in their eyes. The leucrotta told them to sit down and wait for her until she was done. Galienne and Kalevi drew their weapons while Eumelia and Bryn walked to a nearby bush and sat down. Galienne cursed Bryn as she pulled out her spear, and she and the eighth-orc got to work fending off the beast. After a few good hits, the leucrotta admitted defeat by leaping up at the top of its home and trying to climb away, but it slipped and fell, breaking its back in the process. Kalevi put it out of its misery with a strong swing of her greataxe. After Bryn and Eumelia were roused from their reverie, they discovered stolen items within the alcove, no doubt special treasures from former victims. There was a breastplate and heavy shield crafted from a blue dragon’s scales as well as some money, knickknacks, and a feather token that materialized a tree when employed. The group rested up and healed wounds before continuing exploration.

The second day was a bit less dangerous but just as odd. While investigating the plains, a crazed and dirty gnome approached the group, spouting nonsense. By his side was a mountain cat. Eumelia’s inquiry to the cat showed that he was just as bonkers. The gnome babbled his way to Bryn’s horse before pulling out a short sword and swiping the poor mount. He and his cat were quickly dispatched for attempted horse murder. Upon inspection of the gnome’s equipment and home, a small locket with a picture of a gnome woman with two children was found. They deduced that this was Snip’s brother and took the locket with them for relay.

On the third day of Metadi, the group explored the area where the will-o’-wisps were reported, but the tower island was about a quarter mile from the shore in all directions, so they chose to come back another time with a boat.

The next day was an interesting reunion. They came across a stalled wagon in the middle of a river. The leader was barking orders while the rest scrambled in an attempt to pull it out. Coming up to the center, they quickly recognized the leader as Gambion, the gnome from Dullunar who was also curious about the area. The group chose to help out, Eumelia calming the horses and Galienne calling upon the strength of Shekastra and pulling the wagon out of the river. Gambion entertains them with his dancing badger dish while explaining what happened. When he pulled out of Dullunar, he barely escaped with the city’s mages raining destruction on the ship. They lost the engine and converted what was left into a wagon. Since then, they had spent two years trying to find civilization. The gnome relayed a lot of information on their map. The lords escorted Gambion and the rest of his crew back to their capital city.

On the fifth day, they decided to visit the nixie to the northeast of their city in hopes of making peaceful contact. They arrived to a pool surrounded by several angry men. The nixie hid in the pool to avoid them. The group discovered that the men, citizens of their kingdom, had cut down trees near the nixie’s pool. In her spite, she charmed some of his men so they sat helpless and clueless. Kalevi spoke to the nixie while Eumelia and Galienne spoke with the men. To reach a peaceful conclusion, the nixie requested six new trees, spawned from magical tokens, from her dryad friend Tyrfanel to the east and wanted the lords to pick them up. The nixie gave her name, Sintefilisana, so that the dryad knew we were honest. The humans also had to go, and considering that the lords had banned their citizens from traveling north of the river due to the hazards, they had no problem with this as well. The group was able to relay information about a rich grove ten miles north of the old bandit camp that the lumberjacks could use once the situation had blown over.

The group traveled to Tyrfanel’s grove a few leagues east of Sintefilisana’s home. When they arrived, the beautiful dyrad emerged from her tree and was soon accompanied by her satyr consort. Tyrfanel, however, was not quick with the tree tokens, instead asking the group to remove a deadly scythetree that lurked to the north, tainted the ground, and made the trees wail. They agreed and traveled quickly, taking out the scythetree with blades and fire. Returning, the dryad already knew of their success. She rewarded them and their mounts with kisses and several magical consumables including the tree tokens Sintefilisana requested. On the way back to the nixie, they were waylaid by an owlbear that, upon death and examination, had ingested a strong magical item used to bind creatures. The group quickly replaced the trees for the nixie. For their effort, the dryad and nixie promised to relay any information they heard from the trees and the rivers to the lords. With the men released, the group led them to the grove they could work in.

The journey took two days, so they dropped off the loggers on the seventh. Since they were in Snip’s area, they rode there to deliver the locket. He rewarded the group with some potions that augmented strength. It had been a while since the group was this far south, and they recalled the unicorn corpse far to the east, so they chose to ride there in hopes of asking the unicorn what caused its demise. They arrived on the eighth, the area no more or less corrupted than before. Galienne used her powers to communicate with the corpse. The unicorn said it was slayed instantly by a magical ray of intense power, but it could not identify its killer. The mystery was still incomplete, but the group could do no more and headed back north to explore.

On the ninth, they searched the area north of where they found the drunken giant. They were assaulted by a wyvern who fought by picking up Bryn and taking him skyward. Kalevi attempted to counter by throwing a leftover tree token under the wyvern, shooting them both up on stable canopy and giving Bryn a better chance. Summoned elementals finished off the rest. Curiously enough, some magical boots was also found in its gut, their power in granting levitation. Galienne took them as her own.

On the tenth, they searched around a ferry, but there was nothing of note.

Session XI: Further Development

Player Note

As the lords went to bed, a strange dream occurred to them. They did not realize that they were having the same dream nor an understanding of how real it was. They saw a group charging into a large lair carved out of a tree. This group had been hired by the guild to dispatch a green dragon who was causing trouble in the area. A brave cavalier on a bronze dragon led the party, followed by an inquisitor, a half-blind oracle, an alchemist, and an elven warrior highly skilled in the bow.

The first area held four wood golems, easily dispatched with flying arrows and mounted charges. The second room held four docile shambling mounds. The cavalier ventured further in to investigate, only to find herself targeted by a medusa’s stony gaze. She shook it off just as the shambling mounds roared into action. They too were swiftly killed. A hallway stood between them and the dragon’s lair. The cavalier flew through in order to bypass the traps and not hinder her groupmates. She triggered the above ground traps, blindsided by a swinging scythe trap, but otherwise crossed without issue. The oracle summoned several creatures to run on the ground and find the rest of the traps so that the rest could pass unhindered. They were greeted savagely by four young green dragons on the other side. They were only able to kill two before the last two ran off. The inquisitor saw an opening to the outside of the tree and went over to investigate, only to be bitten by their mother who laid in wait on the other side. The group found it hard to hit the ancient dragon, but a few well-placed arrows and a deadly charge from a summoned celestial triceratops downed the beast.

At this point, they awoke with morning pouring through the windows. As the group prepared for the day, they heard Orrik telling some children about the wild dream he had of being a short gnomish oracle.

That month saw the building of a housing district, a landfill, and a library. During Ishadi, five adventurers came to stay in the local inn after slaying a dragon to the south. They happened to be the adventurers in the dream. They were also under the employ of Lord Darvin, and the cavalier swore fealty to him.

During Sarbadi, they elected Lord Darvin to take care of the treasury, letting Tarnak return to the business of his fort and some relative peace. A cooper tradesman set up shop in the capital, and there was a bumper crop of fangberries that month. Metadi passed with only the construction of a brewery. Shekadi was marked only by increased spending on the adventurers’ part. Apparently, the gnome enjoyed his ale quite a bit. Tosadi was peaceful. The week of all gods passed, and Fortunadi saw the establishing of a caster’s tower owned by Lord Darvin. The kingdom enjoyed another economic boom caused by crazy spending from the gnome oracle. A pier was built in Lumendi. A smith was built during Balchadi, a month marked by sensational crime. The criminal was caught, but not before stealing and selling a masterwork crowbar. Apadi and Eisadi were calm months. Some bandits tried to rise up and cause havoc in Thadi, but the marshal put a stop to that easily. Hanadi was a peaceful month.

As developments occurred during the year, the group honed their skills and changed foci in regards to further expansion and in reaction to earlier troubles.

Session X: Trouble Brews

Player Note

I’m not writing this. Nope. No. Not at all.

DM Note

Orrik and Florris approached the lords upon their arrival back from dealing with Munguk. Two murders had been perpetrated, and the dwarves hoped that the four lords could bring a resolution to the mystery before more deaths occurred.

Lady Galienne Del’Omagia used the powers gifted to her by Shekastra to speak with the corpses of the victims. From the memories of the deceased, the lords figured out that a lycanthrope was more than likely responsible for the murders. Lady Eumelia Varsovienne went around town and discovered that a strange man from the barbarian tribes to the south was staying at the local inn. The lords gained access to the room of the barbarian and with a through search they came upon an ear that the innkeeper would identify as one of the victims.

The lords tried to follow the tracks of the barbarian as they led out of town, but Lord Bryn von Wolfsbane was unable to follow guess more than that the suspect had left town going west. A decision was reached to lay ambush and wait for the man’s return. At nightfall, the barbarian approached town. After a quick skirmish, he was brought down, but the lords had mercy in their hearts so took him prisoner instead of killing him.

Bringing the murderer back to the castle, the lords began the process of curing his disease. Galienne called upon Shekastra, and in her infinite wisdom, Shekastra drove out the beast that was in the man. The lords learned that his name was Kal, and that he left his tribe after defending it from a rabid wolf. He gave up his weapon to the priestess that saved him, and offered up his services to the Kingdom of Triptych.

Fortunadi brought man changes in the political structure of Triptych. Kal was bestowed with the title of Warden, and Florris was made representative of the people as Councilor. Ilsa gratefully gave up her position. Zed and Olivia Fezzeroth approached the lords, and asked for assistance in building a town where previously tatzlwyrms had nested. The lords answered this call, and made every effort to claim and build in the area as soon as possible.

Balchadi was a month of ill omens. Rumors of troll sightings to the north brought a foul air to Triptych. The rulers were unable to abate these fears from within so they set out to abate them with steel and spell. One day riding to the north brought them within striking distance of where Munguk had said the trolls were based. The party made camp, and Lady Kalevi Talunen spotted a faerie dragon sneaking into camp. Kalevi gave the little tyke some booze, and after a restful night, he flew off with a head full of drums and spears.

Bryn led the party to through the woods where he picked up the trails of trolls. The trails led to an old abandoned dwarvish fort that withstood the tests of time. Fierce battles raged as the lords invaded this stronghold. Battle after battle was fought, and victory was earned by blood and sweat. Finally the lords found the chamber of the troll’s leader. Hefting his mighty morningstar and bellowing out a challenge, the troll prepared himself for battle. A mighty foe was he, but in the end he fell to the combined might of the lords. Particularly effective was the mighty humor of Eumelia which brought the troll to his knees long enough for the rest of the lords to smite him.

Many a treasure was won, and the lords returned to town expecting celebration. Unfortunately a foul new adversary had arrived on the scene. A rabble-rouser by the name of Rondurath Alsortore had begun spreading discontent in Triptych. The lords attempted a quick discrediting of the fiend, but failed to drive him out immediately. A plan was laid for an open town hall forum, and espionage was started by Eumelia. Disguising herself with the arcane arts and opening herself to the thoughts of others, Eumelia approached Rondurath in his inn room. There she determined that he was a spy sent from Dullunar to create ill for Triptych. After escaping unharmed from the human centrist spy, Eumelia successfully defeated him in a debate using her new found knowledge and superior skill with words. Alsortore departed town and has yet to be seen from again.

Balchadi passed with no mishaps as did Apadi and Eisadi. During Thadi, a masterwork mural was painted along the streets of one of the capital’s major roads.


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