The Kingdom of Triptych

The newest power in the Cerulean Lands



Economy 68
Loyalty 62
Stability 60
Promotion Type Aggressive +3 Stability, +2 BP Consumption
Taxation Level None +0 Economy, +2 Loyalty
Festivals per Year 1 +1 Loyalty, +1 BP Consumption
Other Definers
Unrest 0
Consumption 5 BP
Treasury 191 BP
Size 51
Control DC 71
Alignment Neutral Good
Leadership Role Stats Possible Leader Effect
Ruler Charisma Eumelia Varsovienne +5 Stability
Councilor Wisdom or Charisma Florris of House Borrin +4 Loyalty
General Strength or Charisma Aganor Swift +2 Stability
Grand Diplomat Intelligence or Charisma Bryn Wolfsbane +4 Stability
High Priest Wisdom or Charisma Galienne Del’Omagia +4 Stability
Magister Intelligence or Charisma Kalevi Talunen +5 Economy
Marshal Dexterity or Wisdom Orrik Stonehammer +4 Economy
Royal Assassin Strength or Dexterity Kusnaya +3 Loyalty, -1 Unrest/Upkeep
Spymaster Dexterity or Intelligence Palthis +3 Economy
Treasurer Intelligence or Wisdom Lord Darvin +5 Economy
Warden Strength or Constitution Kal +5 Loyalty


Azyle, the Capital City

Qualifiers Values
Base Value 10700 gp
Defense 9
Population 9000
Buildings Castle, town hall, watch tower, houses, piers, shops, inn, brewery, smith, caster’s tower, tradesman, dump, library, waterfront, cathedral, monument, jail, guild hall, park
Magic items 9 minor, 6 medium, 1 major


Qualifiers Values
Base Value 2200 gp
Defense 0
Population 1000
Buildings Houses, market
Magic items 2 minor

Autumn River

Qualifiers Values
Base Value 1200
Defense 0
Population 1000
Buildings Temple, pier, shrine
Magic items 3 minor


Eumelia’s City


Halfling City


The Kingdom of Triptych

Cerulean Era Jikuu