Cerulean Era

Session XXVI: Finishing the Dungeon

Player Note

The lords returned to Kythera on the twelfth. Bryn took the time to learn how to conjure a horse while the rest grabbed supplies. On their way back south, they were attacked by four cockatrices that had made quick work of an unfortunate traveler and his horse. They found their way back to the curious hill on the fourteenth. They decided to track their old steps to avoid any surprises. The large room with magical traps now held zombies that Galienne quickly obliterated and entombed in rock while creating a larger passage. The door was closed and warded with an exploding rune. The pit trap now had an illusion spell hiding a gelatinous cube that they quickly dispatched. Kalevi almost fell down the hidden slope leading into the pit. The end of the hallway held an illusory kobold controlling an illusory eidolon standing by a spike trap. Kalevi found his location by destroying a coffin holding another explosive rune, knocking the kobold from his hiding spot. Eumelia charmed him to avoid further conflict. The kobold was a wizard from Dullunar, bright in his ability but dull in understanding how to start a kobold tribe.

They turned their attention to the other path. They found an illusory wall. Kalevi waved her axe in the empty air in the hopes of spoiling the illusion and keeping her hand safe. She managed to somehow take off one head of the hydra that waited in the other room. Eumelia was quick to befriend this one as well. They were dumbstruck how a hydra could have been contained in such a small room, so they searched the room. After five hours, Kalevi found a trap door. She opened it to find two large zombies sandwiched between lightning traps arching through the air. A vaguely humanoid lump in a black cloak, working on humanoid parts laying on a large altar, lamented the interruption and told the zombies to keep the intruders from his work. Eumelia had the hydra aid the group while Kalevi worked on disabling the lightning. Bryn and Galienne took care of the zombies and shifted via magic to the monstrosity. It then threw dust on the limbs, causing a flesh golem to take shape and rise, squashing his creator in the process. Kalevi recalled that this type of golem was resistant to all metals but adamantine, so she threw her greataxe to Bryn. Bryn and the hydra did most of the damage to destroy the golem.

Eumelia healed the hydra from the electricity while Kalevi shut down the traps. On the altar, they found a scroll, lots of potions, a strong quarterstaff, a bag that holds much more than it appears, and a light steel shield full of magic it could barely contain. Bryn took the bag while Galienne claimed the shield, choosing to carry her goddess’ weapon with the shield rather than continue with her spear.



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