Cerulean Era

Session XXIX: Not All Barbarians Are Alike

Player Note

During their break in Triptych, Bryn picked up a rod that would double the duration of his spells. This item combined with his new interdimensional pocket spell would allow the group to rest without worry of nightly ambushes. Kalevi took the time to pass Sharjish’s falchion to her cousin as he was now old enough to attempt striking out on his own. The eighth-orc also took her burgeoning ideas and created her first attempt towards her race of sentient clockwork automata, creatures she decided to call Kyth due to their future birth occurring in Kythera. She was able to develop a tiny humanoid of metal outfitted with retractable gliders and a jetpack on its back. She made its eyes out of the azurite crystal she had been keeping. The little one understood her, but it could not speak. Edgar kept insisting on it having a poison bite and eventually installed it when she wasn’t looking. She promised it a name, but hadn’t come up with one by the time they were ready to strike out again. She had it ride in the side pocket of her backpack and made it promise not to engage in combat.

The first of Lumendi came, and the lords went out exploring in the southern lands once again. They encountered considerable trouble in their first week out. On the second, the group was attacked from below by a giant bulette with a maw that could have swallowed Eumelia whole. While the group was able to survive, Eumelia’s dog did not. Instead of turning back, Bryn decided to conjure a proper sized mount for her every day so she would not have to lose any more animal friends. A nearby elf corpse held three potions capable of purifying food and drink that they took and placed in Bryn’s bag.

The third day was better as they were able to reach Schwartzsaven’s home. Bryn traded him about a hundred gold worth of books for ten pounds of mushrooms. Bryn deduced that four of them were magical and would make him double in size when eaten.

On the fourth day, the group explored around the hillside until they saw lots of beady, red eyes peering from under the hills. Kalevi figured out that they were kobolds and called out to them in Draconic. Once they showed themselves, Kalevi and Eumelia talked to them about the threat they were so concerned about. The kobolds decided to take them to their leader. The kobolds led the group to their camp, an underground hill with rocky outcroppings. They told them to wait while they went inside. After about twenty minutes, a red scaled kobold emerged and spoke with the lords in the common tongue. Chief Bloodscale told them how they had recently fled from the south due to fierce competition with gnoll, giant, orc, and human tribes in their areas. He was unwilling to help until they offered to do something to prove their sincerity. He mused, then requested that they go to the barbarian tribe to the south and retrieve a “shirt of many colors”. Kalevi and Eumelia realize that the kobolds are lying, that it’s not their shirt, but they agree anyway just to get to the bottom of it.

The group traveled two days south to find a crude encampment of orcs. When they were about two hundred feet away, a rain of arrows flew from the barbarians. The lords reacted well in battle, charging forward while taking little damage. The orc leader tried to turn invisible to gain the upper hand, but Eumelia sent out a well-placed spray of glitter to blind and remove the ruse. Galienne called upon a giant column of fire to decimate some of the lackeys. Kalevi engaged the orc leader directly, noticing that the holy powers in her whip were activating, so she was disappointed to know that he was evil. Eumelia then ended the battle by planting a suggestion in the orc’s mind to call for the others to stand down. They were then able to talk to the orc, learning that the orcs and kobolds had both ganged up on an exploring gnome wearing a pretty outfit. The gnome had been happy to be saved from the kobolds, but the orcs just crushed his skull. Galienne spoke with the corpse of the gnome, learning that it was from the gnome continent out exploring. The orcs let the group keep the shirt it was wearing since it was too small for the orcs. They deduced that it was a chain shirt protected by magic, allowing the wearer to appear in any garment conceived and sneak through the shadows with ease.



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