Cerulean Era

Session XXIV: The Holy Spoon and Chicken

Player Note

On the second of Shekadi, Kalevi arrived in Norfang to join Bryn. She spent her time observing his academy before Eumelia and Galienne arrived on the third. On the fourth, they set out to meet the caravan. During the day’s journey, six pegasi flew overhead then landed to meet them. They requested asylum from the “black beasts to the north” who kill and eat their young. They gave it gladly and even suggested Tarnak’s two story stable to the south as a human-made safe haven should they require help. They accepted and flew off.

On the fifth, they ran into the caravan. It was a traveling group of halflings with one representative that spoke in a heavily accented voice. Bryn, being the only one who knew their language, started initial discussions. The halflings had to leave their home to the north due to the recent aggressive nature of the humans driving them from their homes. The representative welcomed Bryn into the tent of their leader, an old halfling woman with a chicken sitting next to her. The leader Jazelle explained that she had foreseen their arrival, knowing that they would meet one who knew their tongue. She requested that the two groups camped for the time being, but deference must be paid to their Holy One, their chicken. He agreed, and the three of them came out, the representative holding the chicken on a pillow. Jazelle’s command of the common language was clean, so the Galienne and Kalevi spoke with her. Eumelia used her ability to speak with animals to address the chicken. The chicken mused at her, and Jazelle was surprised, asking if Eumelia was an anointed priestess of the Holy Spoon and Chicken. They ran back to their tent to discuss.

They ran back, stating that they would test Eumelia as a potential priestess. To celebrate the event, they invited the group for a halfling supper. Ten or so hunters came back dragging in three bear carcasses. Jazelle purified the meat with her spells while adepts seasoned the meat magically. The lords were asked to participate in the carving ceremony. Bryn and Kalevi accepted, hefting their weapons. They were blessed with protection from fire and directed to start hacking at the bear along with several other halflings. Several times during the butchering, some fireballs would fly out of nowhere and land on the carcasses, cooking them quickly. The cooked and cut meat was tossed behind and caught by children carrying baskets. After the meal, Jazelle told Eumelia that she would be tested tomorrow to see if she was gifted with the “clucking voice”.

On the sixth, Eumelia and the chicken were moved to an otherwise silent tent. Once Eumelia was able to understand him again, the chicken asked her questions to test her strength as a ruler. At the end, the chicken approved of her answers and shunted her outside. In her hand rested a silver spoon. The chicken walked out to greet Eumelia and the halflings. Even though her ability to speak to animals had faded, she was still able to understand him. The chicken told the halflings that Eumelia was their new leader and he would be leaving to fulfill the prophecy. He had to find the one that “makes the tombs of steel” and vanished in a puff of smoke. The group led the halflings to the capital then worked on their own cities.

Kalevi was busy working in her laboratory with gears and wires strewn about when she called for a tool. Frustrated at the lack of response, she finally shoved herself out of her position to grab it herself. Standing with the tool in his mouth was the chicken that Eumelia had spoken with before. The chicken started to pull apart wires and made a picture of a ship with an egg in it. Kalevi used her ability to generate illusions to check what the chicken had asked for then set down to work. It took her a day, but she made a boat with wheels and retractable wings. The metal egg sat in the front, and she made a seat for the chicken with a steering wheel and horn. During this time, the chicken had been talking vigorously with her pet Kana. Once she was finished, the two chickens started to argue. Eventually, the intelligent chicken pinned Kana and forced her to the ship. In a flash of lightning, Kana disappeared, but the metal egg was glowing. The chicken pushed the ship to a leyline while Kalevi protested the treatment of her pet. Once the ship was in the leyline, the chicken sat in there, hit the horn, and vanished. Kalevi cursed and turned back to her work, unable to do anything, but was stopped when she saw four giant eggs of varying sizes sitting on her desk. She sighed and built an incubation chamber for the eggs before returning to her experiments.

The end of Shekadi saw the halflings move into a settlement at the nearby river crossing. There was some bandit activity but it was quickly squashed.



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