Cerulean Era

Session XXIII: A New Arrival

Player Note

With the fall season firmly in place with winter arriving, the lords decided to work on building the kingdom and its defenses before riding out to explore and diplomacize to the south. Sarbadi and Metadi went smoothly with the establishment of Eumelia’s island city to the north and Kalevi’s Kythera at Tarnak’s location. A flood had threatened Tatzleford’s marketplace but the repairs were swift. There was also a looming threat of a food shortage in Sarbadi, but the lords were able to shunt resources were they were needed to avoid panic and starvation.

Bryn was residing in Norfang when he received word of a caravan traveling from the north. Bryn chose to ride out to meet them rather than wait for their arrival, so he saddled up with four of his guardsmen. On the second of Shekadi, his plans were thwarted when his group stumbled into a patch of yellow musk creepers. The group barely killed the creepers, but they were either dead or terribly wounded. They burned the dead to prevent their rise as creeper zombies and limped back into town. Bryn sent out messengers to summon the other lords while rumors spread of his failure and increased unrest in the kingdom.



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