Cerulean Era

Session XXII: Experiments

Player Note

With the arrival of the elves impending, the three remaining lords in Azyle worked with Theo to recreate the audience chamber that he had absorbed in his growth. He had just finished with the group taking seats when Erramir and some assistants arrived. Palthis ensured that his arrival would not be too early or late.

Erramir stated that his people wanted to leave because they had reports of barbarians mobilizing into a giant force to the south. Apparently, they found Triptych weak and full of resources, so they plan to prey upon it. He said that they would probably attack in a year, and it would take him several months to cross to the nearest port to sail back to his homeland. He also warned them to “beware the thaws”, but they did not understand beyond the obvious dangers of winter. The lords wished him well on his journey, but asked him about the leylines. He denied knowledge, but Kalevi reached out proposing an exchange of information with the elven kingdom. Erramir could not promise anything but an attempt and left. He took about seventy-five elves with him, mostly his crew and children but also a few that could call the elven lands their birthplace. Only those who were born there could go home and be accepted as citizens, so elves like Palthis who were born elsewhere could not go there even if they wanted to.

Hanadi ended with the establishment of a fishing village outside of Beldame’s hut and general peacefulness. Kalevi and Bryn decided to ride around the country in Ishadi to test the leyline nodes they owned. They reached Brynskeep on the second. His tower had five leylines, only missing the magical energies of necromancy, enchantment, and illusion. Tarnak’s area possessed three nearby leyline crossings of a single divination leyline passing through three conjuration leylines. They then returned to the capital to ponder further experiments and uses. Ishadi also saw the first construction of Norfang, Bryn’s home.



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